Finally, a projector to be proud of!


My new place has a big white wall above the fireplace, so I was thinking about ditching my TV and looking into getting a projector for my new place… until I saw what they looked like! Talk about an eyesore! Most are bulky and aesthetically displeasing – so, as a permanent fixture in my living room, I decided to ditch the idea. If only I had found Lum! It’s a new, simple way to project your favorite shows or movies. The design is equipped with a remote, the projecting system, built-in speakers, and a charging base that makes it possible to store and pull out only when you need it! Unlike ugly projectors with obnoxious vents, Lum’s are wrapped around the top and form under the main top piece where the remote is set, so the air flows up, out and around. Conveniently control all features with the remote or directly on the device. Perfect for indulging in entertainment without knocking your interior’s aesthetic!

Designer: Alexandra Sakalian