Forget the Fidget Spinner, Here’s a Fidget Chair!

I’m a notorious fidgeter. No, I don’t fidget with pens and pencils, or with my spectacles, or my hair… I’m one of those leg shakers. I’ve got a bad habit of shaking my legs if I’m sitting idle, much to the absolute annoyance of people who sit beside me at movie theaters. I can’t help it, it’s just something I do (I’m doing it right now as we speak, and I can see my laptop screen swaying back and forth ever so gently). This leg-fidgeting, studies say, comes from my being restless. You see, humans weren’t made to sit for hours at an end, but the industry has evolved in a way where machines engage in manual labor and humans exercise their minds while sitting still in one place… and no matter how ergonomic your office chair is, posture correction isn’t a replacement for good-old activity.

The Swingsit was designed for the kind of people who prefer sitting on medicine balls, or working at standing desks. Putting health before mild awkwardness, the Swingsit is a chair with a sliding cushion that sort of lets you shimmy while you sit. The SwingSit takes a literal swing at a phenomenon called Sitting Disease, or sedentary living, something we spend over 55% of our day doing. A sedentary lifestyle is known to cause a myriad of physical and even psychological problems over the years. Giving your core and legs a workout whenever needed, the Swingsit can be used to swing sideways in place, while giving the rest of your body an ergonomic seat that maintains good posture. The cushion slides from left to right while the chair remains stationary, allowing you to exercise in place, giving you an activity to do while you’re seated. It beats sitting on regular chairs as well as working on standing desks, because it encourages physical activity of some sort, although I admit shimmying your way through a board meeting may not be, um, ideal… but then again, it’s much healthier than slouching over a desk, and a lot more fun too!

Designers: Myung Woo & Eric Yoon

Click here to Buy Now: $449 $899 (44% off).


Swingsit is the next-generation ASC (Active-Sitting-Chair) for your body.

Swingsit is designed for ergonomic productivity. It provides all the comfort amenities of a luxury office chair with all the benefits of an active sitting chair.


“Sitting is the new cancer” says Apple CEO Tim Cook.


Why Swingit?

According to recent studies, 12 HOURS is the amount of time the average person is sitting (aka sedentary) a day and over 80% of the workforce and schoolers is invaded by this sedentary life causing ‘Sitting Disease’ according to recent research.



How Swingsit Works

1) It allows for a simultaneous dual task (Work and Workout).

2) Continuity of usage (Keep your core effectively active with effortless power)

3) Privacy protection from ‘critical eye s’(free from prying eyes) while movement on this next generation active-sitting-chair.

Design details below.



Swingsit IOT Sensor can be simply attached to the back of Swingsit. The sensor allows you to check the number of swings and calorie consumption while sitting on Swingsit through the smartphone APP.



Click here to Buy Now: $449 $899 (44% off).