A Fidget Toy with Added Health Benefits!


‘The Walnut’ is an advanced fidget toy, however this time it is aimed at the elderly! Due to the aging target-user, the concept was based on the traditional walnut massage balls in order to bring a sense of familiarity to the product. With Diabetes becoming a significant health problem associated with the elderly, Walnut acts as a personal health device that assists the user on multiple levels!

Blood sugar levels can be monitored through the integrated infrared technology; the compact device opens to reveal two infrared sensors that are hidden inside. This process removes the need for gathering blood, leading to a more hygienic, painless and far more convenient alternative! Also concealed within the device are sensors, these monitors both grasping power and hand-shaking, and relay this information back to the intuitive Walnut app for efficient data collection.

The subtly textured surface, that covers half of the device, assists in stimulating the hand and improve blood circulation… Walnut certainly offers a variety of health benefits!

Designer: Seohee Lee


“Gripping and rolling the walnuts in hand is a popular exercise within the elderly people to maintain their health. The rough surface of the walnuts stimulates the hand and improves the blood circulation. Oriental medicine believes that the hands are connected to primary organs including the brain, and those organs can be stimulated by giving pressure to certain points in hands and developing the hand muscles. It is highly effective to reduce hand shaking and muscle loss that the old commonly experiences. Often one or two walnuts are used,” Lee told YD.