A New Breed of Backpack Design


The process of designing a product as commonplace as a bag can be quite a challenging one. How do you create something that someone already hasn’t done before? The backpack market is vast and oftentimes it all boils down to being able to integrate a new feature into the bag that makes it more useful, or more desirable, or both.

In a sea of backpacks, the Fiets and Fiets backpack manages to stand out for a number of reasons. It’s waterproof, weatherproof, stainproof, and lightweight. It comes in a rolltop format with multiple miniature bags that fit inside like modules, allowing you to segregate your items like camera equipment, clothes, and toiletries. It even has separate external compartments for your EDC, phone, wallet, and a waterproof slot for wet clothes or a wet umbrella… but above all, it comes with a proprietary Magic Dock.

Fiets and Fiets’s magic dock is a strong and secure docking port that allows you to strap anything to your backpack. A helmet, a shoe-bag, a travel pillow, Bluetooth speaker, and more. The magic dock comes with three modules that snap onto the bag, giving it a host of extra features, and turn allowing it to be just the kind of bag you want it to be.

The Magic Dock works like a USB port does for a laptop. It amplifies the bag’s productivity and its ability to fit in diverse situations. Just like a USB can be used for storage, for peripherals and controls, for data transfer, etc, the Magic Dock can be used to fasten a variety of things to the backpack using Fiets and Fiets’s accessories. An anti-dust bag let’s you carry shoes or dirty clothes, and a universal holder lets you secure helmets or even a Bluetooth speaker to the back of your bag. A third module works as an emergency tail light, working wonderfully for commuters and bikers by making you visible in low-light conditions.

The Magic Dock is that feature that helps Fiets and Fiets’s backpack to stand out. With the three modules (and many more in the pipeline), the dock lets you use the bag effectively in a variety of situations. For work and play, for travel and for quite literally the act of traveling… And with its lightweight, weatherproof and waterproof build, not even the gods can stop you from embarking on your adventure!

Designers: Sheng Peng Zhao & Hao Yang Jiang

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Fiets & Fiets backpack is designed for people with active lifestyles. With its magic docking system, modular & transformable design, it adapts to your lifestyle by offering you a space for everything in a convenient and accessible way.




Magic Dock

With the Magic Dock, a universal docking system, you can attach your own accessories to the outside of the backpack, easy access and saving space in the main interior compartment. Simply click and lock to attach your daily essential to the Magic Dock.


Cycling Light


Going out on an evening ride? With the light’s static or flash mode, maintain visibility to all drivers and pedestrians on the road while riding. The bike light has a built-in replaceable lithium battery bright enough for others to spot you from miles away.


Anti-dust Bag


Want to separate your shoes or dirty laundry from clean clothes? With the included anti-dust bag, keep the main compartment nice and clean.


Universal Holder


Need easy access to your helmet or want to blast your speaker while biking? With the universal holder, attach anything you want to the front of your packbag.



The Fiets & Fiets backpack is made from PU materials. It is waterproof, stain-proof, lightweight, and offers optimal heat dissipation. Take the Fiets & Fiets backpack to the hot Sahara Desert, snowy Icelandic glaciers, or wild Amazon rain-forests, its premium material can withstand any weather.

Wet Items’ Pocket

A dedicated water retentive compartment to keep your wet raincoat or umbrella from the rest of your dry items. The holes at the bottom enable fast drying to wick away any unwanted moisture in your bag.

On-bike System

To free yourself from being weighed down by an overstuffed backpack, simply attach your backpack to the front or the rear rack for a comfortable and unrestrictive ride.

Magnetic Opening

Instead of the traditional zipper, the magnetic enclosure offers quick and easy access to your items while you’re on-the-go. The magnetic seal with Fidlock securely fastens the flap onto the backpack safeguarding your items in seconds.


Click here to Buy Now: $79 $149 (47% off)