Unfinished Never Looked So Finished


After working on many 3D-printed prototypes, designer Kazuya Koike sought out to finally create a truly usable product that could be mass produced with the same 3D tech. The result is this unique twist on the decor, dubbed the ‘Unfinished Vase.’

The minimalistic design features a uniform aesthetic in tonal blue and rose colors. It earns its namesake for the missing wedge at the base that leaves a vessel for water exposed yet easily accessible. Simply place your favorite flower clipping or other stemmed plants in the narrow spout and add water through the cut-out wedge. Turn it to hide the exposed section or leave its conversation-starting aesthetic on display.

Designer: Kazuya Koike


“The 3D printer I used to create this vase was by stacking the material a bit by bit from the bottom. So all starts from the very bottom and the glass plate/cup is inserted it (by my hand) while the process of this stacking job, and then it will be all completed when the flower inlet has built,” Koike explained.


“After several times of trials and errors, I reached to the idea of warming the glass plate up before it inserts not to make the material deformed in the process,” Koike continued.


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