One Robot To Rule Them All


Don’t be deceived by the name, this adorable robot isn’t going to clean your floors, but it might be able to control another device that does. It’s called the IHR (Intelligent Housekeeping Robot) and its primary function is to act as a central hub that can manage all your smart devices efficiently.

Using a mobile app, home users can sync up everything from floor vacuums and nanny cams to alarm systems and air conditioners. The IHR will make informed decisions by monitoring the condition of the interior and assigning “jobs” to your devices. If your floors are dirty, it can trigger the vacuum… or if your home has been inactive for a period of time, it can set the alarm and lock the doors… all while looking pretty darn cute. The possibilities are endless!

Intelligent Housekeeping Robot is a winner of the 2018 Red Dot Design Concept Award.

Designer: Wanheng Chen for Sichuan Konka Smart Technology


“We hope the robot to be more like humans, communicating with the robot just as humans do. We want to optimize the user experience of intelligent platform and combine artificial intelligence technology with smart home,” Chen told Yanko Design.


“The design is made to exemplify the spirit of “harmony” in China through blend eastern aesthetics into technological feel. The design is made up of gentle, concise curves and surfaces. The curves and some details are abstractly designed from traditional elements and give us a friendly feeling,” continued Chen.


“You can communicate with the robot via an app on your phone to know what’s going on in your home or give it an order. Geofence technology saves energy by using your iPhone location to know when you’re away and adjust the mode.”


“Through the combination of smart home and intelligent community platform, we will obtain a large amount of data to provide more accurate marketing and service, which shows a great value to promote development of commerce:the more data,the better the product;the better the product,the more data we will get.”


“As well, the robot can provide companionship, interact with children, help children learn and develop good habits.”


“Cooperated with speech interaction, far-field sound control, geofence technology and working with various platforms, you can control the robot via many ways. The AI steering gear with several microcontrollers built in the fuselage can support omnidirectional rotation and achieve multi-angle and high-precision action.”