The Arc Vector comes with a heads-up display and a haptic-feedback suit


One’s reaction to the Arc Vector electric motorcycle comes in three very distinct waves. The first wave hits when you lay eyes upon the motorcycle for the first time and you’re captivated by its beauty. The second wave is a wave of slight confusion, as your eyes fall on the bike’s handlebars, only to realize that it’s missing a crucial element. A dashboard.

The third wave is a wave of awe, when you see that the Vector’s riding experience isn’t limited to just the motorcycle. It pairs with a proprietary Zenith helmet and an Origin armored suit. The helmet comes with a HUD that replaces the dashboard on the bike. Every bit of information the dashboard would give you, is delivered directly to your eyes by the heads-up display, while the armored suit comes with haptic feedback built into it.

The uber-futuristic neo-cafe-rider comes with a carbon-fiber construction, a fully electric drive, top speed of 125mph, a range of 120 miles, and a blitzing 0-60 speed of 2.9 seconds. Impressive specs aside, it also comes with a future-first attitude that ditches the dashboard for a system that’s more modern, and that melds the rider and the motorcycle into one fully integrated package!

Designer: Arc