The most sensible professional VR headset ever designed


The future in which we’re perpetually strapped to AR or VR headsets is a distant, dystopic one. At most, we’d use a VR headset for 2-3 hours of work or gaming, in conjunction with our desktop PC. That temporary use is what triggered the design of the Pega VR4. It sits in its dock, right beside your desktop, and plugs to your head when you need.

Short and fragmented VR experiences are much more likely in the present and the near future, says designer YuHsun Chung. People often take to VR to visualize products better, often in context, and interact with them in ways that aren’t possible on a desktop screen. That’s where the Pega VR4 comes in. Designed as an accessory to your desktop, like a mouse or a keyboard, the Pega VR4 can be used when you want to visualize content (3D or 360°) and even interact with it. On the front of the headset sits a LEAP-controller that tracks your hands, giving you the ability to manipulate and interact with your content, letting you zoom in and out of scenarios, revolve or pan 3D models, or test out VR interfaces. Once done, just pop the Pega VR4 off and dock it back in its platform. The platform doesn’t just charge the VR headset, it also connects directly to your system via LAN, USB, and HDMI, so that your headset remains completely wireless! Ah, perfect!

Designer: YuHsun Chung