The Next Best Thing to the Clothes Line


Drying on an outdoor clothes line is not only more commonplace than you’d think, it’s preferable as an efficient and eco-friendly way to keep your clothes staying fresh after they’ve been washed. Anyone who appreciates this time-tested method knows how a rainy or cloudy day can ruin things. Instead of crisp and dry, a sunless day can leave your clothes damp and mildewy. That’s where Solair comes in.

This ultra-portable appliance makes it possible to air dry your clothes when the sun’s taking a break. About the size of an ironing board when collapsed, users can simply unfold it, hang up clothes, and activate the heated fans to circulate warm air around the items. While it’s not intended for everyday use, it’s the perfect addition to the laundry room for anyone who lives in an area where showers and clouds can sneak up on you.

Designer: Pushkin Sonkusare








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