Forever-safe Bicycle

I am sure you agree with me that prevention is better than cure. Therefore prevention of theft is better than hunting down stolen property. Based on this application we have a bicycle lock that deters theft in a very clever way. The pedals double up as wheel clamps and are designed such that breaking the lock (or pedal) will not only be a tough job but also a foolish endeavor. Superb!

Designers: Cheng-Tsung Feng & Yu-Ting Cheng


  • Goncalo says:

    How does it prevent someone from grabbing the bike and take it by car?

    “Prevent Users from forgetting unlocking”.. lol

    Well, at least it looks nice..

  • Jelle says:

    Brilliant! 🙂 Going on my wishlist for next Christmass!

  • mariess says:

    what if you step in dog poo?

  • Ago says:

    That does not makes sense. Bicycles are really light. You can carry it from place to place.

  • Jimmy C says:

    I agree, the bike can still be carried away. And what happens if you lose your key?

  • Steve says:

    They’ll just take the pedals off the bike that’s locked up next to it…

  • Adam Weaver says:

    I’ll just take the back wheel off and get a new one. This was a waste of time and poor market research. It’s called quick release for a reason.

  • Mith says:

    Unbelievably dumb design. you can take the rear wheel off a bike in about five seconds. Did this person do any research on bike theft?

  • Mith says:

    not to mention its a pain in the ass to take pedals off of a bike. and i dont think i have ever forgotten to unlock my bike before getting on it…

  • Teto says:

    why doesn’t magic to your bike and put it in a little box? maybe, it can become a pill, you can put it in your pocket, so you can go to buy cigarettes, safe and happy. no one will steal your bike.

  • Kinetic says:

    Oh dear, I feel a little sorry for the designers. I guess this project will be a good example of the importance of research..

  • Jeremy says:

    LOL the designers are morons. it’ll take the longest time just trying to get the pedals off, that is if they were to even function like real pedals

  • really good idea. but…i think…something with a key is burdensome, if you lose it that will be more burdensome…..

  • LudeDesign says:

    It´s a different idea and understand the concept, but there are few issues.

    One is the that anyone can just pick up the bike and take it away.

    After getting home they can either just brake the lock and use some other bike pedals.

    Or they can just remove the wheel and do the same, but I think it´s easier to just carry the whole bike to a safe place before trying to brake or unlock it.

    The last issue is just pure confort, after you ride the bike in mud or dirty places, I don´t think it´s fun to mess around on the pedals filled with crap.

  • just pick up the bike and take it away—–i thought this kind of thing just happened in China~

    I don´t think it´s fun to mess around on the pedals filled with crap—-yea, i think it’s a good emotional considering~ nice

  • EVEN says:

    If U missed ur key than u will lose ur pedals,and when u go to work ,u have no time to waste, so i dont think it’s a good design about solution the problem…

  • tardkiller says:

    as others have pointed out, making an easy to take off pedal, yet secure to ride with, is the challenge here that you neglect to solve.

    Design is ok I guess but not useful at all in real life.


  • Alex says:

    really important

  • Quark says:

    Man, it doesn’t make sense

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