TouchID in your thumb-drive!


USB have become a rarity nowadays, with how cheap and convenient cloud-storage and cloud-sharing is, but there’s a while before USB thumb drives go the way of the dodo, or the floppy, or the CD/DVD. Thumb drives are now primarily used for transferring files offline (sensitive documents, PDFs, work-files, images, etc)… usually confidential files that are safer off the internet than on, or files that are a little too heavy to transfer online.

Given that there’s still a large need to transfer sensitive files from one system to another, it makes sense that the Lexar JumpDrive F35 exists. With a built-in fingerprint scanner that can recognize as many as 10 fingerprints, the JumpDrive F35 is a rather effective way of making sure that your data is secure, and visible/accessible only to the intended subjects, thanks to its 256-bit AES encryption that works without any external or additional software.

Designer: Lexar

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