An Exciting Example of Simple Engineering!

We see some crazy modes of transports being created, but this one may have just topped them all in the quirkiness department! This is Stator, the self-balancing, fully electric, an absolute monster of a machine that you never knew you wanted, until now!

Housed within Stator’s rear wheel is a Direct Drive 3 Phase Brush DC, that provides a max power of 1000W and is capable of propelling it down the road at speeds of up to 25mph! Stator’s bare-bone aesthetic expresses its designer’s, Nathan Allen’s, passion for both simple design and engineering; the motor, batteries and inner-workings are hidden away out of sight, a single piece of tubing forms the handlebars where the inconspicuous control module is located and there is an absence of flashy, futuristic styling features. Not only does this create a visually stunning mode of transport, but it also adds the wonder and intrigue for on-lookers as it glides effortlessly down the street!

Designer: Nathan Allen of Stator






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