The Hoversurf S3 is a massive drone you can sit on!

You call it a hoverbike, I call it a one-manned personal drone, because that’s what the Scorpion 3 or the S3 looks like. With four propellers in four corners, the S3 looks like a massive drone and even takes off like one. Labeled as an eVTOL (or an electric vertical take-off and landing), the S3 comes powered by a 12.3kWh battery that gives it 40 minutes of flight, which translates to around 13 miles on a full charge. Built with a high speed of 50mph, the S3 may not completely replace motorbikes or conventional modes of travel, but the technology can only get better with time. Besides, driving the S3 doesn’t require a pilot’s license or aircraft certification… yet!

The S3 comes entirely made from carbon fiber, making it much more lightweight than its original aluminum body prototype. You can control and maneuver the S3 using the left and right joysticks. The S3 comes built with auto-takeoff and landing features and a laser all-weather LiDAR system that should help you navigate through obstacles, along with an extensive triple security system: electronic (emergency landing, sound and visual warning system, anti-interference screening), mechanical (kill switch) and passive (embedded deformation zones, power fences, and protective elements for the pilot from carbon with reinforcement).

If you DO want to ride what may just be the future of intra-city commuting, the S3 is all ready for a 2019 launch and they’re accepting down payments in the form of $10,000 deposits.

Designer: Hoversurf