A Good Nexus

Taking it from the general public, 91mobiles conceptualized a Google Nexus concept and we think its pretty much aligned with what people require. Nexus 6 takes things to the next level and is built around a 5.2-inch LCD display featuring a full-HD resolution. Corning’s Gorilla glass protects it and the curved design fits your face perfectly. The pressure-sensitive screen lets you unlock the device by simply tapping on it or swiping upwards.

  • By using polycarbonate plastic, the device stays lightweight and durable plus features a glossy finish.
  • Nexus 6 runs on the next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 3GHz for superior computing. Along with it, there’s a healthy 3GB of RAM for faster multitasking and 32GB to 128GB storage variants available for users.
  • Nexus 6 features single-SIM GSM connectivity with support for 4G/LTE networks. For wireless connectivity, there’s Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi along with NFC for easy and seamless pairing with compatible accessories.
  • The camera at the back has been bumped up to 13-megapixels and instead of full-HD recording, the Nexus 6 gets 4k resolution recording. The front camera has been improved by adding a 5-megapixel camera, which is capable of recording full HD videos.

Designer: 91mobiles

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fghstsq3IpE 600 451]


  • Dan Etwas says:

    Here’s the problem of late on here. Someone makes a quick and dirty phone design ignoring actual ID innovation and spends more of the time justifying the design with inflated wish list style sets of specs. Take those specs away and what do you have? A curved version of the current device in this case.

    Okay so it has 4k, sorry the 1080p display on the current model is pretty much at the limit of what the human eye can discern at your average viewing distance. So you are wasting the money spent on the display, battery and processing power.

    And as for the rest of the tech specs, just put the pipe down, like I said they do nothing to enhance the design or user interaction.

    A shiny plastic, bad move it is actually something most consumers are not too fond of. It scratches and smudges and looks pretty horrible in a short amount of time. Try exploring other finishes and materials. And that use of the nexus logo type on the back screams knock off when compared to the current device. Try doing something new

    It’s curved of your pleasure, so far no company has been able to truly justify a curved display smart phone. the best excuses for these curves are that it fits better in the pocket. In short justify the curved display, give us a reason to say “hey that’s a great idea”.

  • Rahul Gupta says:

    Dan Etwas, we appreciate your feedback, but would like to clarify somethings here:-

    1. It’s not just a ‘Curved version of the current device’ but something we believe the Nexus smartphone would evolve into. As for specs, Google always offers the best available and we might be offering an ‘Inflated wish list’ but its not unbelievable. The aim of this exercise is to present something which is close to the actual product and something not resembling that.

    2. ‘4K’ resolution is for video recording and not the display resolution. You read it wrong my friend.

    3. ‘Shiny Plastic’ is what most companies use now, consider Samsung devices and not to forget the Nokia Lumia 525 which returned to glossy back covers after flaunting matte finish for a while. Also colours look better in gloss, and offers better style than dull looking matte surfaces.

    4. ‘Nexus Logo’ looks best when engraved on the device featuring the same color as the device. I hope you most certainly wouldn’t like something with glitter or metallic finish, as Nexus is a device that offers value for money not chrome trimmings.

    5. ‘Curved Design’ serves better purpose than just fitting better in your pocket. A curved design is ergonomically correct and therefore doesn’t stress users hand, or causes unwanted pressure on the face while using for longer times. Also bigger displays that are curved, offer better visuals than flat displays owing to their varying focal length towards the ends.

    Hope this answers the queries you had regarding the design. If not please do let us know.

  • dianakbeamer says:

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  • marko says:

    excellent models and designs, the curved effect gives a very modern look

  • Alex V says:

    Here’s the problem of late here: Someone makes a quick judgement about something that doesn’t even exist, and looks like a pompous ass. Why are you even viewing anything on this website if you have such a narrow point of view? There are a lot of ideas like this presented, that plenty of people like you can sit there and pick apart because you have so much insight regarding design. How about you put your face back in your stupid iPhone and let other people enjoy sharing ideas, yeah?

  • Mig says:

    I can only imagine it’d be a pain to try to text someone/use it while it lays on a table/desk…

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