Pressing mute on the world


If you’re fine with the idea of looking somewhat like a bobble-head, the Helmfon can do pretty miraculous things for you! Made out of fiberglass and polyethelene foam, the helmet when worn cuts out all outside disturbance, giving you your quiet zen, even in a buzzing workplace (Wall Street, take note). The shape of the Helmfon helps reflect away noise from around you, and its lightweight design means it can be worn easily, or even be suspended or wall-mounted.

A portmanteau of the words Helmet and Phone, the Helmfon isn’t just a noise cancelling device, it’s also an elaborate pair of headphones. Equipped with a system board, microphone, speakers, accumulator, magnifier and space on the inside for a smartphone, the Helmfon enables wearers to watch videos, organize Skype conferences and even make calls from within the helmet. Like I said earlier… Wall Street, take note!

Designer: Hochu Rayu