AEG’s Salt Block cooks and seasons your food at the same time


Imagine never having to worry whether you seasoned your food. Imagine having a cooking surface that conveniently did that for you, and in doing so, also imparted a unique flavor to your food. That’s AEG’s Himalayan Salt Block for you. A chiseled out slab of pure Himalayan rock salt, AEG’s Salt Block can be used directly over a grill/flame or even with AEG’s SensePro induction cooker (using a metal plate). The heat traverses through the block, cooking the food kept on top of it, giving it a smoky flavor and an enhanced taste. You can cook anything from meats to eggs to even grill vegetables on the block and it automatically seasons your food while cooking it at the same time. The Himalayan salt has health benefits too, enriching your food with nutrients and minerals necessary for the body.

The crystalline structure of the salt allows it to withstand hot and cold temperatures and when placed on direct heat, and the block evenly distributes heat across its rectangular surface, making it perfect to place in the oven, on a cooktop or even a grill. The block also doubles up as a tray/plate to present your food too (perfect for salads or even cheeses), and can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a wet cloth! Someone show this to Saltbae!

Designer: AEG