The Iconic Puzzle Just Got A Redesign!

If someone was to mention the words, ‘multi-coloured’, ‘cube’ and ‘puzzle’ to you, I bet it wouldn’t take you long to work out what they were describing! The team at GoCube decided that it was about time the iconic and timeless puzzle got a bit of 21st-century goodness sprinkled on it, and thus, the GoCube puzzle was born!

GoCube houses an array of smart sensors that continuously track and measure activity, this is then relayed to the user’s smart device where they will be able to see an on-screen representation of the puzzle! This digital conundrum is packed full of addictive features and activates to partake in, and the best thing is, you don’t need to be an expert to have a go; an interactive digital guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to master the puzzle! Once the basics are understood, the user is able to battle it out with friends to see who the true puzzle master is!

Like with its iconic predecessor there is always room for the user to improve, so built into the application is a game mode that displays the time along with accurate statistics to outline where improvements could be made, allowing the user to become a speedcuber in no time!

All of this is wrapped up in a device that’s capable of grabbing even more attention than its ancestors did; light indicators illuminate the device and let the user know their status, while the internal mechanisms have been redesigned to ensure a far faster and smoother experience! Can you master the GoCube?!

Designers: Daniel Lebovich & Yoav Shumacher

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Particula completely re-engineered the iconic puzzle toy – they have updated the classic cube into a modern super-puzzle with brains that does it all and answers it all.








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