More Sake!

When I want more sake, I want more sake. Just like when I want more water, more soda, more whiskey, or more soda AND whiskey. But in the places I love to take my sake, traditional opaque containers are still king. In a single act of brilliance, David Ngo has solved not only my sake problem, but the problems of all opaque drinkers everywhere! No longer will I have to wallow in the confusion of a container with hidden contents! Now my sake will light me up LITERALLY!

As its designer, David Ngo, puts it: “Toumei” (japanese for ‘clear’) was created out of transparent material and includes an L.E.D. light built into the base which illuminates the level of sake left in the carafe. The light can also be used as a signal to the waiting staff that the patron needs more sake. In addition, a unique groove on the top assists in the delicate activity of pouring into small sake cups, creating a more gratifying experience both functionally and aesthetically.”

In a nutshell: this container lights up the level of remaining liquid, and the groove at the top is made to pour into small cups. Let me ask you this, sake drinkers: could this new take on the sake container appease you?

I’d never thought too much about the “traditional” nature of the container before seeing the Toumei, might some people take offense?

Designer: David Ngo