Last Minute Fire Escape

Intended as a last resort lifesaver, Xitus is a product that allows a building’s occupants to safely descend to ground level when extreme conditions are present. The product is deployed and positioned over a window ledge where the user can secure it with floor mounts before securing a safety line. After climbing over, a controlled descent device slows the person to the ground carefully so they can quickly unclip and allow the next person to descend to safety.

Designer: Jonathan Lowe


  • vbf says:

    I don’t think i’d trust a panicked civilian to 1. put on the harness correctly 2. use it to lower/rappel down a burning building.

    might as well just give them a holy book of their choice and a bottle of water.

  • M says:

    Tell that to 9-11 victims who saw fit to jump to their death rather than burn of ax fixate.
    Tell that to all the parents and loved ones in families who could not save children or themselves because there was no way out.
    The point is in larger buildings there a Marshall’s and fire crew,trained to support exit.
    My view point comes from 30 years in construction health and safety with specific knowledge of post fire inquests,and yours?

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