DIY Decor That Can Shift Homes and Cities With You


Sejun Park’s Aalo does something most furniture brands do not. It focuses not just on settling, but on the relocating aspect too. Designed for a generation that often is on the move, whether to pursue their career or their calling, the Aalo range of furniture travels with you and lets you call multiple places home. Aalo’s unique assembly system also makes it hackable, reusable, and customizable.

“As a city dweller, I was moving between places quite often, which meant my space arrangements were frequently changing. Each time I struggled to find furniture items that would fit my new space perfectly, and there were no good options, “says Park, a former Lexus Engineer, “Customized furniture was simply out of my budget, and trying to create a DIY solution required time, money, and special tools. I began experimenting with various materials, manufacturing processes, and assembly mechanisms to come up with an easier and more versatile furniture solution. And that’s how Aalo got started.”

Unlike the biggest player in easy-to-assemble DIY furniture, IKEA, Park’s Aalo was made in a way that when assembled, is a functional piece of furniture, but isn’t permanently assembled. Aalo’s range of furniture is made from powder-coated aluminum pipe extrusions and joineries like L-shaped, T-shaped, and Y-shaped connectors. Assembling them together involves a DIY aspect that is swift and relatively intuitive. The ability to undo assemblies by simply unscrewing them means you can quickly disassemble parts too, and the lack of permanent fixtures like glue, nails, or screws means the furniture can be easily disassembled and transported to a new location where they’re assembled again.

The aesthetic of the Aalo series is perhaps a result of its unique USP… to be easy in terms of manufacturing, shipping, assembling, and disassembling, and to be a functional, robust product when in use. Its minimal styling makes it perfect for those subtly decorated, minimalist, functional apartments and lifestyles of today’s millennial nomads. The current series includes bookshelves, benches, garment racks, desks, all of which use the same parts, therefore minimizing waste during production, while also giving you the ability to concoct your own creations using the parts you own.

“Ultimately we want to provide furniture with an extended lifetime value, one more sustainable than other furniture brands that have somewhat became synonymous with the term ‘disposable furniture’. If you’re moving and have no use for an Aalo piece any longer, you can disassemble it, then reuse the same pieces to build something entirely different.”

Designer: Sejun Park

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Meet Aalo, a DIY furniture system you can reuse and adjust to fit your needs, wherever life might take you. Buy once, use it for life. Say goodbye to standardized furniture.


Their patent-pending system allows you to easily assemble and modify your furniture, for unique designs that moves and evolves with you.


Their interchangeable parts system is so easy and versatile, anyone can use it to build a DIY solution. Explore the endless possibilities.


AA-019 Desk $229.50 $270.00 & AA-014 Plant Stand $38.25 $45.00



AA-020 Bookshelf $250.75 $295.00



AA-008 Ladder Towel Rack $110.50 $130.00



AA-021 Garment Rack $119.00 $140.00


Click here to Buy Now. Hurry, 15% off on all orders and is limited to the first 20 YD readers! Code: YANKO15