Exclusive For The Boys! Gift Ideas For Under $25!

If you are in this zone with a guy and want to keep this Christmas budget-wise a low-key affair for him, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on getting him something less-meaningful or great. Here are 6 wonderful ideas that stick with your budget of under $25! The goods are awesome with a price to match, so hit the jump and discover what you can get for your guy….

Black Deck of Cards by Goody Grams

The Black Deck is just one of those cheeky things. The elegantly designed deck of cards with its unique Jokers, Kings, Queens and Jacks add fun to the game. So besides getting cozy with a game of *cough* (strip) Poker, you can call his bluff using this graphically distracting deck of cards!

Price: $16

Mobile Tail by Studiooo Factory

Do I even have to explain this exquisite tail! Ever since we published this story on YD, we have been hounded with queries about its availability! Its here now, so grab one for your guy, before it’s too late.

Colors: Pink, Green, White & Black
Price: $6.50

Flowing City Coaster by Megawing

Prep up his desk with this handy coaster. Boys and their imaginative thinking can have fun playing savior to a drowning city.

Colors: Clear & Black
Price: $12

My Photo (Camera Bag) by 25togo

A boy and his gadget are never parted, I am sure that camera is lurking in some corner. Give him this handy protection for his prized possession (no pun intended)!

Price: $ 22

Charging Station by HJC Design

A stylish charging station for his gadget, what more can a man ask for! Really! This one fits in a majority of Phones, PDA’s, Mp3 Players and Digital Camera’s up to 60mm wide, and is counterbalanced by the charger. Awesome!

Price: $8.49

Transformer Filepack by 25togo

A handy pack for storage and taking away stuff like office papers or schoolbooks etc. It comes in a knock down condition and is easy to assemble. Maybe the two of you can get together and DIY the boxes and have some fun packing! For the Christmas holidays perhaps?

Comes in pack of 3 (Inner Layer color: blue, orange and green)
Price: $10