The mosquito killing machine that works like a venus flytrap


Most mosquito repellent devices rely on airborne fumes to either kill mosquitoes or drive them away, or electric circuitry to zap mosquitoes out of existence… so you’re either left with a room that smells of repellent, or a device with dead mosquitoes gathering in the collection pan. Effective, yes. Elegant? No.

Baseus’s Mosquito Killer does a much better job without zapping or fumigating. Lure the critters in with a UV lamp set at a wavelength that attracts them, and suck the mosquitos in using a powerful 7-blade vortex. The result is an elegant looking device that feels more domestic than industrial, fitting well in most homes… not just because of its home-friendly contemporary design, but also because it’s a whole lot safer (especially around babies) than those poisonous repellents.

Designer: Baseus

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