HEIMPLANET’s Bags Are for Whenever, Wherever, and Forever


It seems only natural that a company that makes some of the most innovative and resilient outdoor equipment should build a stunningly capable bag that’s meant for any scenario, weather, and country.

Functional, Durable, Sustainable. These are the only three words the guys at Heimplanet use to describe their Transit series of travel bags.

Functional comes from the way Heimplanet plans out its range of bags. Available in a backpack, messenger, and sling-pocket, the Transit series is designed based on the amount of storage you need, and the bags sport layouts that make them easy to use in any given scenario. The travel backpack is ideal for packing heavily for work and play, or a weekend out. With designated compartments that let you segregate electronics from other items, the backpack allows you to draw a line between professional and personal. Additional segregation compartments and easy-to-access zippers let you stash belongings in convenient places, accessing them easily when you need them. If the travel backpack is for a weekend’s worth of packing, the Rolltop Messenger makes the perfect companion for work and business meetings. Its slick design allows you to stash all your work items within it, while the roll-top design lets you cleverly expand its storage, giving you the ability to carry more than what you previously could. Heading to the gym after work? Or just remembered you need to do some shopping? The messenger makes the perfect hybrid sling backpack. The third variety, the sling pocket boils down your carrying needs just to the essentials. Like a waist-pocket but much better looking, the sling-pocket gets strapped diagonally across your chest, and can carry your phone, wallet, and other EDC.

The Durable element is Heimplanet’s proprietary anthracite-colored fabric that they call Dyecoshell. Made from 800D Nylon and 660D Polypropylene, Dyecoshell comes with a ballistic weave and an anti-abrasion coating. The nylon and polypropylene together make the bag incredibly resilient and impervious to splashes, scratches, and any sort of damage your everyday commute or outdoor usage could render to it. An additional anti-abrasion coating makes the bag last longer than it originally would.

Heimplanet’s Transit line is sustainable thanks to the way their Dyecoshell material is manufactured. Designed not only to last long, the Dyecoshell fabric is dope dyed, a process where the color is added to the polymer before it’s turned into a yarn. This method saves water, CO2, and generates less energy than conventional dying methods. The Transit bags even sport a dope dyed inner fabric lining, allowing their bags to use 60% less energy and chemicals as well as produce 65% less carbon dioxide. Since the bags are made to last longer too, Heimplanet’s Transit line will outlive multiple other bags, not just reducing waste, but also making sure you never have to shell out money to buy another bag again. Now that’s definitely sustainable!


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Never before have our lives been more fluid. Every day we wander between the worlds of TRAVEL, WORK and PLAY. HEIMPLANET wanted bags that make these transitions effortless. That’s why they built the TRANSIT LINE – a series that combines functionality, durability and sustainability. Probably the last bags you’ll ever need.

Their TRAVEL PACK is the perfect companion for a multi-day break from your daily life, a mixed weekend of work and play or any other adventure you’ll find in between – And it’s carry-on ready for all airlines, they guarantee that!







The exterior offers two large zipper pockets for smaller items. One at the top and another one that opens through a vertical zipper – hidden underneath a flap on the right.



The TRAVEL PACK can be opened completely when laid down flat thanks to its clamshell opening. That’s the perfect way to pack your gear nicely without stuffing it in. The dedicated large front compartment is the right place for all your bulky stuff. The internal divider (accessible through the rear zipper) makes it easy to keep the front organized and separates the main volume of the pack. It also offers two unique 3D lay-flat pockets which collapse when not in use but offer a serious amount of volume if needed.



The harness system of the TRAVEL PACK is made of dual density EVA foam and all next-to-skin areas are covered by a smooth Cordura polyester stretch fabric that’s durable, yet also soft to the touch and won’t ruin your clothing.



A long u-shaped zipper allows you to get whatever you need out of the front compartment quickly. Perfect to reach for your jacket or dopp kit while on the road.

The ROLL TOP MESSENGER BAG is a hybrid of a subtle work briefcase and a modern messenger bag. It comes with an adjustable, removable and interchangeable courier strap which offers everything from a tight fit to a more casual one.





The fleece covered laptop compartment also offers an EVA foam padding on the inside and outside. The position of the compartment – facing away from the wearer – allows the ROLL TOP MESSENGER BAG to wrap around your body the way you’re used to from high-quality bike messenger bags. As a hidden gem you will find our signature pattern quilted in the fleece of the laptop compartment.



The COURIER STRAP offers all carry options you need. You can wear it over your right or left shoulder, loose or tight…. – the position of the dual density EVA padding is highly flexible and right where you need it, when you need it. Through our custom aluminum hardware and our unique Hypalon attachment points the included sternum strap can be attached on both sides of the COURIER STRAP and it really pins the bag down to your back if required.



One advantage of the roll top closure is the weather resistance it offers but it also brings the right adjustability to make the Messenger Bag always look perfectly packed. The aluminum G-hook closure is simple in its appearance yet super easy to operate and still leaves extra room to put your rain jacket on top. The folding mechanism uses magnets to align the edges nicely for easy closing.

When it’s just about your very essentials the SLING POCKET is the right choice. Featuring the same materials as its bigger brothers the SLING POCKET is by your side all day – keeping your hands free.





The main compartment offers plenty of internal organization to prevent it from becoming a black hole. We all know even the smallest things can get messed up… we’ve got you covered.



To protect your glasses or phone from scratches we added a flat front pocket which is fleece lined on both sides.

Click here to Buy Now: $175.00 $250.00 (30% off). Hurry, only 10 left!