This wheelchair turns the backrest into a steering wheel

The wheelchair is a very hand-intensive product, requiring arm strength to propel and brake the vehicle as well as your hands to maneuver the chair left or right by turning either one of the wheels. Reagiro takes some of the effort out of maneuvering the wheelchair by cleverly connecting the backrest to the front wheels. Lean left or right and the chair turns left or right too, letting you focus on just propelling forward as your chair moves in any direction you want.

Leaning to turn provides a different experience for wheelchair users. Not only is it much more intuitive (you lean in the direction you want to turn), it also adds an element of freedom, dynamism, and fun, much like in skateboarding or luge riding, where you lean to turn too. Aside from that, it relieves some of the forearm-stress involved in operating a wheelchair on one’s own.

Designer: Reto Togni