A Fountain Pen Designed Around the Laws of Attraction


Known to provide one of the most simple yet sublime experiences, the multiple award-winning Kosmos pen comes back in its latest avatar, with a brand new writing experience and exterior, but with the same heart. The Kosmos Ink follows its predecessors, the Kosmos ballpoint pen, in the fact that it echoes a certain purity that makes it a pleasure to own and write with, being beautiful yet absolutely distraction-free in its aesthetic. Dominated by straight lines, curved hemispherical ends, a characteristic chamfer on two sides, the Kosmos Ink retains its predecessor’s design language, and its heartbeat, the signature click produced by the pen’s magnetic action. The Kosmos Ink comes with a cap that clicks satisfyingly in place when you close it, using a magnetic action to not only hold the cap in place, but to even align it to perfection, providing a joy that one would associate with the opening-closing action of Kosmos’s ballpoint pen.

The cap’s opening and closing action are at the forefront of the pen’s user experience, being so simple and smart that they become the pen’s USP. With zero effort yet maximum satisfaction provided by the clicking sound, the pen’s cap closes securely over the fountain nib. To open, simply twist the cap gently to turn magnetic attraction into repulsion and the cap comes undone on its own. It’s a clever interaction that makes me, as a designer, marvel its simplicity and ingenuity.

The Kosmos Ink comes crafted out of high-quality grade 5 titanium with a grade 6 aluminum variant as well. On the inside lies a writing nib from the renowned German company Peter Bock. The entire pen comes made from top to bottom in metal, with not a single plastic component ‘corrupting’ the pen’s purity and premium appeal. Both the titanium and aluminum variants provide a lightweight and unparalleled writing experience. The titanium comes in its natural color, while the aluminum explores anodized hues like comet grey, rose gold, warp black, and a night sky variant that captures hearts with its rich prussian blue. To match, even the nibs come in color variants, going from steel to titanium, to even a 14K gold variant.

Building on the simplicity and the emotive quality of the Kosmos ballpoint pen, the Kosmos Ink takes stilform’s design ethos and uplifts it, creating a product that is aesthetically minimal, yet heavy on performance, build quality, and the tactile quality your fingers will surely fall in love with. P.S. Make sure you take a look at stilform’s enchanting accessories for the Kosmos Ink, ranging from a leather pouch, to a precision machined metal pen-stand!

Designer: stilform

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Premium fountain pen with a magnetic self-aligning cap.

Simply Magical – Magnetic forces pull the cap onto the pen. The chamfered surfaces on cap and barrel align themselves perfectly.

Fun to Fidget – Twist the cap slightly and it will get pushed off by magnetic forces.

Anti-roll design of KOSMOS ink’s chamfered surfaces.

High-grade metals and clean design without any annoying threads on the grip section.


The KOSMOS ink is precision-machined out of solid grade-5 titanium or grade-6 aluminium. These remarkable materials combine the highest durability with exceptional light weight.

The nibs are by German company Peter Bock ensure that the Kosmos ink provides a smooth ink flow and the best writing experience for you. And by making the cap magnetic they were able to realize a clean design without any threads near the grip section which may affect your writing comfort.


The matte surface of the KOSMOS ink Titanium has a nice satin feel and is especially resistant against scratches.


The KOSMOS ink Aluminium runs through a special anodisation process. This keeps the pen protected from scratches and wear.


KOSMOS ink in Rose Moon.



Every KOSMOS ink comes with a steel nib by the German company Peter Bock. They also offer more luxurious nib for you. There are different nib sizes from extra fine to broad to choose from.

Variants and Colors

KOSMOS ink in Titanium

KOSMOS ink in Aluminum

Click here to Buy Now: $69.00 $92.00 (25% off)