Mouse Feel for Pressing

One look at the Iron concept by Adam Wendel and it gives me the Apple Magic Mouse vibe. The smooth FOLED interface and ergonomic grip gives you a very ‘using-the-mouse’ feel. I like the fact that components have been kept to a minimum, just a ball joint, which doubles up as a water reservoir. Interestingly a standard model is also proposed, one where the FOLED screen is replaced with an intuitive knob dial.

Designer: Adam Wendel

IRON from Adam Wendel on Vimeo.


  • Anon says:

    No matter how you hold it, you’ll hit controls accidentally. There’s no way for electricity to reach the heating element. The lack of control of the twisty, bendy top piece for fast ironing is contra-indicated. Beautiful and promising, but seriously flawed.

  • Jason Mckelvey says:

    Tremendous artist, elegant art, but not practical. It’s a waste of time to render photorealistic models that haven’t been tested. Here’s the process. Sketch, then model in clay. Hold it, pretend with it. Sketch again. Mold again. Repeat until it’s right. THEN make fancy 3D renders that guys like me will envy. You have the talent, work on the process.

  • Bobstev says:

    Ummm, why? I agree with the flawed design statements. I actually thought this was a new design for a computer mouse (which might be more useful). A clothes iron doesn’t need to be that complicated and should be ergonomically comfortable, not just pretty to look at. Have you ever ironed clothes? You don’t hold a hot iron with just your fingertips, nor could you move it around properly the way it’s being held in the image. Sorry, but back to the drawing board for another try.

  • arşiv rafı says:

    Great İdea for womans 🙂

  • Gerçekten varmıdır böyle bir şey ?

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