The Guardbot can navigate on turf, sand, snow, and even water

It’s a good thing the Guardbot doesn’t have turrets, because terrain or the lack of it doesn’t really stop the damned thing. With two ‘eyes’ and a bulbous tire-shaped body, the Guardbot is a surveillance bot that rolls around on land, bounces off bumpy terrain, glides through snow or sand, and floats on water to get from point A to B, surveilling everything it can in sight.

Designed for security monitoring, the Guardbot, say its creators, has applications in not only surveillance, but also in sports broadcasting, allowing it to be a part of the action as it rolls around on the turf. It comes with a 25-hour battery life, two cameras, a microphone, a GPS, and a gyroscope to keep it upright as it rolls around the place, monitoring and broadcasting, no matter the location, the surface, the weather, or the time of day. The price of such security? Upwards of a $100,000.

Designer: Guardbot Inc.