The mim X Turns the Watch’s Glass Top into an Invisible Display

Normally, being two-faced is a bad thing, but that’s exactly the thing about the mim X watch that makes it so awesome. This traditional looking smartwatch steps far away from tradition with its transparent levitating display (TLD), a technology that allows the glass above the watch dial to become a transparent screen. When not in use, the mim X looks exactly like a normal watch with an hour and minute hand, but it hides innovation in plain sight, as the glass above it lights up to display everything from messages, notifications, a digital step monitor, your heart rate, or time from a secondary time zone. Once you’re done, the display goes back to becoming innocuous and transparent, giving you literally the best of both worlds!

The great thing about the mim X is that it’s an analog watch and a smartwatch together, rather than being an analog smartwatch. It does this via a transparent levitating display that floats above the regular watch face. This transparent display gives the analog watch a screen, allowing it to behave like a smartwatch, displaying menu items, messages, notifications, time, and even acting as a battery indicator. This dual face nature allows the mim X to behave like a perfect analog watch and transform into a rather capable smartwatch with a virtually negligible learning curve. With controls around the bezel, you can access the smartwatch’s features like the alarm, activity-tracker, sleep-tracker, notifications (from any of your phone apps). You can even set a secondary time zone to be displayed on the TLD, or use the smartwatch as a remote camera shutter button, or even to locate your phone.

The beauty lies in mim X’s simplicity. With a regular round dial, a plain watch face, and two hands, the mim X looks minimal, and classic, however, the transparent display, hiding in plain sight, gives the mim X a secondary, smarter avatar that coexists wonderfully with its classic one. The watch’s transparent display can be used above the regular watch face, allowing you to read the time at all times while working the smartwatch’s features. It comes with a metal body that features a heart-rate monitor on the back, along with a choice between metal, leather, or PU straps, all having a charm of their own. With the mim X you don’t have to worry about adopting new technology, because everything seems extremely simple and familiar. It means not having to choose between an analog watch that just shows the time, or a smartwatch that deviates from classic timekeeping. The mim X was designed to do both… at the same time… with 100% ingenious innovation and zero compromises!

Designer: Arvid Lindberg

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mim X incorporates the patented* Transparent Levitation Display (TLD). When switched on, information is shown on the glass without being obscured by the watch arms. And when not in use, it becomes completely transparent. You can also clearly see the display at outdoor occasions or under strong light. It is also considerably more battery efficient then traditional displays.





1. Groundbreaking TLD Technology

Customize With Notifications

mim X can help with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts, so you will never miss any important events. The messages will also display on the TLD, you won’t even have to take out your phone.


Users will be able to easily select the notifications they want to show on mim X. Users will be able to easily select the notifications they want to show on mim X.

2. Auto Sync Dual Time Zone

3. Your All-rounded Activity Monitor


Taking advantage of the TLD technology, mim X can show two time zones independently. One is shown on the display and the other is shown with the hands. mim X can also detect the current time zone, and will automatically start time adjustment. You will be able to select either the display or the hands to commence auto time sync.


Despite having the look of a traditional analog watch, mim X has all the features you can expect from a modern smartwatch. For starter, mim X carries a heart rate monitor (HRM), which can measures your heart rate throughout the day, no matter you are working out or just seating still. Combining with the step counter and other sensors, mim X can do much more. From counting how much steps you take in a day, to notifying you for sitting too much. Our app can also integrate with Apple Health, so you can store all your health data in one place.


mim X comes with two finishing, Steel and Stealth. Both finished in surgical-grade stainless steel, providing great dirt and scratch resistance for everyday use. We also offer a variety of band collections to suit your mood.

mim X – Active



The Active straps are made of rugged Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU). TPU is tougher than both silicone and rubber and is also highly resistant to chemical and temperature changes, the material is durable and highly breathable. That’s why the Active strap is the best choice for all conditions.

mim X – Classic



The Classic strap is designed to give you the timeless look. With the finest Italian leather, the mim X Classic band will patina over time, creating a unique and yet handsome look.

mim X – Modern



The Modern bracelet is crafted from surgical grade 316L Stainless Steel with an elegantly brushed finish, the mim X Modern collection is the designed for the modern hustler.

mim X Packaging


Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock come with each mim X

Click here to Buy Now: $108.00 $177 (38% off). Hurry, only 40 left!