Map, Meet App. This AR Globe Brings Our Planet Earth to Life!

If there was one instance of AR that sold us on the idea of integrating tech into our lives and learning, it’s the EARTH… a remarkably detailed, handpainted globe and app pairing that feels near miraculous, getting you curious about the applications of augmented reality, while also familiarizing you with the planet you call home. The EARTH isn’t your regular atlas globe. It’s a living breathing replica of a planet that you can place on your desk or hold in your palm.

The EARTH was designed to help us use technology not to connect with each people across the planet, but rather with the planet itself. A 3D printed (with actual relief details for mountains, continents, etc) and hand-painted replica of the earth, it syncs with a partner app, a sort of cosmic tour guide, to show you everything related to the planet we call home. From live, real-time demonstrations of cloud cover, to a complete historic journey of weather patterns, meteor strikes, natural events, etc, you can explore the earth’s 4.5 billion year journey, even dissecting it to look at the composition of the planet. Geography, geology, chronology, and ecology, everything gets bound into EARTH’s partner app AstroReality, and its AI-powered voice assistant, Gaea.

Open the camera on the app and it immediately recognizes the EARTH globe. Ask it anything earth-related and it displays the results on the globe through Augmented Reality. A powerful educational tool, the app can teach you about animal migration patterns, key areas where certain crops and plants grow, ever-changing CO2 levels, or even data about anthropology and human life and impact on the planet. The app helps literally visualize history, geography, and environmental studies in a way that’s much more visual and hands-on, helping you retain information much better than reading about it.

The EARTH makes for a rather inventive and innovative learning tool, making it simply perfect for schools and libraries. Its beautifully three-dimensional surface also makes it a wonderful desktop or coffee table piece. Beautifully shrinking down and capturing not just our home planet but also 4.5 billion years worth of life on it, the EARTH is a 3 dimensional, interactive planetary encyclopedia of the past, present, and the future… and exactly what we love about cutting edge technology!

Designers: James Li & Joanne Dai of AstroReality

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EARTH is the first-ever augmented reality-enabled globe that lets you see our planet’s changes across history. Just open the app and point your phone’s camera at the model for a deeply immersive learning experience.

EARTH in action with the AstroReality app.


EARTH is packed with countless data points.


EARTH is scaled at 1:106,300,000 of our planet’s size.


The model comes beautifully packaged for preservation and display.

EARTH is automatically detected thanks to their smart technology.

Carbon Dioxide distribution across time.


The app displays information on several in-depth categories.


Curious about what animals inhabited your country 1,000 years ago?

With EARTH you can track the migration and habitats of animals past and present.

And much more!

The deeply-layered, interactive experience covers basic geographic information such as landmarks, latitude and longitude, time zones, and regions.


The app also displays complex visualization across various topics such as heatmaps, cloud atlases, point maps, texture maps, and more.

Control EARTH with your voice

While you explore the globe with your hands, use our smart voice technology—named Gaea, powered by Microsoft LUIS—to direct the app and discover a wealth of information about earth.

Here are a couple questions you can ask Gaea across the various categories. Just say “Hey Gaea!” and ask away…


Gaea is here to help with your journey across time and space.

Who is EARTH for?

They made the EARTH experience incredibly easy to use for everyone—from schools who want to adopt the latest technology for their students, to everyday knowledge-seekers, to model collectors, and enthusiasts.

Explore our planet’s incredible structure!

EARTH specifications


EARTH’s specs at a glance.


EARTH looks great anywhere.


The model is incredibly detailed.

Click here to Buy Now: $199.00 $285.00 (30% off)