Sitting on a Cloud


Move out of the way rocking horse, there’s a new player in town now! This fun, playful and eye-catching product offers a modern twist on the traditional rocking horse… but instead being based on a cloud.

The Iconic Cloud Chair is aimed at both children and parents alike, to allow both generations to live in harmony. This has been achieved predominantly through the choice of materials used; handcrafted in the Netherlands, a solid oak construction makes up the framework, this is then complimented by a cushioned seating section that has been upholstered in 100% wool.

While being aimed at both generations, it does offer specific benefits for children; the rocking motion emphasizes a child’s coordination and balance skills as well as encouraging imaginative play, assisting in their development.

The timeless design matched with long-lasting, hard-wearing and natural materials, will allow the Iconic Cloud Chair to be enjoyed for generations to come!

Designers: Pia Weinberg & Woes Weinberg

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