The Pez Dispenser of Public Sports!


Whether it’s serious teams or casual players, plenty of people enjoy using public parks for their favorite sports. The only problem is lugging around tons of equipment and wasting time organizing the field. Designed with this in mind, the Adidas Sport Tower aims to take the hard work (and guesswork) out of game day so you can do more playing and less setting up.

The tower is designed to be installed on either end of a park. It contains all the necessities for playing football, badminton, volleyball and other ball sports. After checking in, the tower will dispense the appropriate equipment and ball before casting laser guides on to the field with size adjustments for different types of games. It also features an integrated net system that can be extended for volleyball. Better yet, scheduling is automated so users can check in on the Smart Tower app. The system will automatically reset when a group’s time has expired so all teams get time to play.

Designer: Andrea Rizzotto