Say Buh-bye to the Bezel!


The moment phones couldn’t get any thinner, manufacturers started trying to stretch screen sizes as if they were infinity pools. The challenge, however, has been trying to accommodate the front-facing camera, light sensor, and other mini gadgets consumers have come to expect. Up until now, designs have featured a notch that allows the screen to extend on either side of these. It still irks designers to this day!

The PIXEL ZERO concept explores one solution that actually allows for a true edge-to-edge screen. The 100% bezel-less smartphone ditches the notch for a sliding mechanism that is easily adjusted with a single hand. The entire back separates from the front to reveal a front-facing camera and other sensors like an infrared scanner. When it’s not shifted, these are safely hidden away out of harm’s way. Selfies have also never been easier! Simply slide it up with the palm to active the camera and snap away!

Designer: Pankaj Kuli