Clean Air, Clean Home


Fine dust that’s been blown across from neighboring deserts and the exposure to air pollution both contribute to the poor air quality that Asia suffers with. Products that offer a solution to this problem have been present within the marketplace for some years now, but they all carry a design which doesn’t allow them to integrate into the house’s décor.

Twoway is an air cleaner with a design that allows it to seamlessly blend into the room, this has been achieved by using the combination of fabric and wood which was influenced by traditional furniture.

Junyoung Jung recognized that the design needed to be flexible, so it can work in all rooms. For this reason, Twoway also offers a second function, a coffee table; the main body can rotate 90 degrees to create a horizontal surface, or it can be kept upright so it can sit flush against the wall, out of the way.

Designer: Junyoung Jung