The OI lamp looks familiar yet unique


The OI lamp explores duality with shapes, materials, and even concepts. A literal amalgamation of the shapes O and I, the OI is a lamp that folds open much like Japanese fans, and comes with a backlight, allowing it to illuminate your wall. Made from Tyvek an aluminum, the OI lamp the OI explores tradition and modernity, with its combined use of traditional and modern materials, as well as that of merging a fan together with a modern lighting device.

Using the OI is simple and pleasing. It stays mounted on the wall in its closed position. To switch the lamp on, simply unfold the fan. Unfolding the fan even acts as a regulator of sorts, allowing you to control the brightness of the light… open the lamp fully for a complete halo, or just a tiny bit, for a small wedge of light. Quite clever, quite calming!

Designer: Hayoung Kim