A beer accessory for the “cream of the crop”

Any beer sommelier worth their salt will tell you that beer should be had out of a glass/mug, and that the beer foam you see on top is actually your friend. In fact, the more the better.

Beer usually has a lot of CO2 trapped inside it, which if consumed directly, makes you feel bloated and sluggish. Any food you have along with the beer agitates it in your stomach, releasing that carbon dioxide inside your stomach. Foam the beer, let the CO2 release, and your beer tastes creamier and doesn’t fill you up (so you can have more). That’s what the beer foamer does. It gives you the frothy pub-based beer experience with bottled spirits. Simply pour a good portion of your beer out into the glass of your choice, and the remaining bit into the frother. Agitate it by simply pressing the button on top to create the froth, periodically pouring the froth as a layer onto your beer, making it look just like your barkeep does, then take a sip of your favorite bottled beer, knowing fully well you’ll get to have your beer and sport your beer mustache too!

Designer: Norm Architects for Menu Design Shop

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