If you miss the headphone jack, this is for you

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the headphone jack. Literally the only con with my current Pixel 2 is the lack of the jack, and there have been instances (enough to piss me off) where I’ve wanted to listen to music and charge my phone at the same time, but alas. You can’t truly have everything, can you?

Pioneer thinks you can (if you’re an iPhone user that is). The Rayz Plus earphone set makes a great case for using wired headphones in this jack-less world. Touted as the only earphones that let you charge while listening, the Rayz come with a lightning jack as well as an outlet, so you plug your Rayz into your iPhone, and then your charger into the Rayz!

The earphones happen to have a lot of other “world’s first” and “world’s only” claims. They claim to have the lowest battery consumption of all Lightning-enabled earphones. Built with active noise-cancellation, the earphones can mute out external sounds, making what you listen to clearer, while also having an auto-pause feature that stops your music when you pull your earpiece out. The microphone smart-mutes when you stop talking, so conversations are less affected by the background noise around you. The Rayz come with your regular volume controls as well as a dedicated button you can assign functions to, letting you switch between apps, mute-unmute calls, or activate search. They’re also the world’s only wired earphones that come with Hey Siri detection, allowing you to activate Apple’s AI service without even so much as taking your phone out from your pocket!

Airpods? Pshh.

Designer: Pioneer

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