Divining Rod Tech Rediscovered in Clock Form

I tell time and weather with the stars, of course, but soon I will be able to tell these things just as easily with a hunk of wood. That’s right! Inovaxion has created a wooden bit of clock and weather station that no sensible person with a hot collection of design oriented fun and helpful object would be able to turn down!

Designers at Inovaxion present the Woodstation: “[In a collaboration between] human-sized French company, INOVAXION, and a high-quality Chinese factory, AEROTIME, [this product was born.] When you get close to the WoodStation®, a movement sensor will detect you and will automatically [display] the product’s screen through the wood to give you information. … [The product’s main characteristics are] based on coloured luminous icons given through the wood screen and activated by a simple motion of the hand. In lighted mode, this powerful device will track fluctuations of barometric pressure, indoor relative temperature and indoor relative hygrometry data to provide you the weather forecast 12 to 24 hours in advance. The product also manages Hour, Calendar and Alarm clock functions. Big colored icons show sunny – partly cloudy – cloudy – rainy / snowy and stormy. Hour, Calendar, and Alarm clock are shown in red. This practical and useful product is suitable for both A/C Adaptor and batteries, which gives you the option to show it everywhere.”

Sébastien Wallet, a designer at Inovaxion, tells us that this awesome hunk of wood will be available at big shops on the French market in as little as 1 month! Lucky French and their awesome economy… wait nevermind. Buy this clock and stimulate your country’s economy!

Designer: Sebastien Wallet [ Via: Trends Now ]