Hot-Key Board

For someone like me, who regularly uses half a dozen 3D and 2D software, remembering each one’s hot-key shortcuts are a nightmare. The ikeyboard might be able to bring back my kindred from the verge of hot-key induced mental breakdowns. This keyboard turns hot-keys into cool keys by displaying them right on the keyboard itself.

The E-ink displays on the keys can adapt themselves according to the software being used. The intelligent keyboard learns about the regularly used hot-keys for each software and automatically displays them while the software is on. When you open an internet browser, it switches into browser mode and displays the logos of regularly visited websites, enabling you to access them with the click of a single button. Cool!

This project is a Dongguan Cup winner.

Designers: Daishao Yun, Zhang Shuo, Liu Wei, Liang Yakun & Liupei Pei