The Epic 6-in-1 Backpack Makes a Comeback!

It’s only natural for a designer to constantly refine their creations, making the newer iterations better than the previous ones. I honestly didn’t think there was much you could do to improve the backpack of our dreams, but the designers at Wool & Oak are back with the Duffle Sport, a backpack that’s as hardcore a wanderlust as you are.

Taking the same incredible modularity concept from the original Duffle, the Duffle Sport comes in a weather-proof, water-proof fabric shell. The Duffle Sport, just like the legacy Duffle still probably remains the only bag that can conveniently pack your items for anywhere from half a day to 7 days worth of activities. Its proprietary slip-zip-clip method allows you to carry a slim backpack with just work essentials, to an overnight pack, to a weekend-getaway pack, to even a week’s worth of packing. Duffle Sport achieves this through modularity. Available in three different bags that can be used individually or attached together to form a holiday-superkit (in six different configurations), the Duffle Sport deviates from the leather construction for something hardier and more weather resistant. The hydrophobic fabric comes in a variety of colors, adding a splash of vibrancy to the Duffle Sport while also allowing it to be almost half the price of the leather model from last year.

The Duffle Sport is available in a variety of formats. People who just want the convenience of a slim, weather-resistant bag can opt for the Pro, while others looking to make use of Duffle Sport’s modularity can opt for the Overnight, Weekender, or Voyager kits. Each bag and kit is specifically designed keeping segregation in mind. The Pro is ideal for notebooks and laptops, while the zip-on modules are great for travel essentials, clothes, shoes, etc., with even dedicated hidden-yet-easy-to-access slots for your passport, boarding pass, or mobile phone. If you were charmed by the Duffle Backpack last year but wanted something more versatile, durable, and reasonable… Lo, and behold! The gods of travel gear have listened to your prayers!

Designer: Johnathan Webster

Click here to Buy Now: $259.00 $375.00


The Voyager Set (Pro + Backpack + Duffle)


The Pro Bag


The Backpack


The Duffle















Click here to Buy Now: $259.00 $375.00