The Key to Never Getting Locked Out


Getting locked out is a thing of the past. Growing up, I can’t tell you how many times I lost the keys to my house. Smart Door alleviates the stress and nuisance of using a key to enter the home. Designed to appeal to the younger generation of homeowners, Smart Lock is beautifully designed to welcome home the creative inside you.

The overall design aesthetic is simple and minimal, ensuring it does not evade the look of the front door – not limiting the Smart Lock to a specific environment. The material combinations are complementary – the exterior showing an anodized aluminum in either a rose gold or space grey finish while the interior is a ribbed, powder coated ABS, soft to the touch for a premium feel and experience.

The Smart Lock is simple in design and simple in usage. To begin usage, raise the top of the handle up to uncover the pin pad and fingerprint scanner. Once the lock is disabled, the door can be opened via the lower handle. This is done on a push or pull system depending on the orientation of the door itself. To prevent and full lockouts due to an electrical fault, there is an emergency keyhole in the base of the handle, discoverable by sliding down a cover.

Designer: 10^N Design