Space-saving, planet-saving paper furniture!


If you thought this single-leather-piece card-case was marvelous, wait till I introduce you to Octa. Made out of 3 pieces of corrugated cardboard, the Octa can become a rather sturdy stool capable of taking a grown human’s weight. In fact, it can even be height adjusted by simply determining the depth of the incision you make in the cardboard pieces. In that sense, you can literally have a table and stool assembled with 6 sheets of cardboard.

The structure employs 8 interlocked pyramids that help disperse weight along the edge of the corrugated cardboard sheet. It uses paper, ensuring that the product is recyclable, and can even be produced from recycled wood/paper. Since production of wooden goods emits less amount of carbon dioxide than that of metal or plastics, the Octa has a rather small carbon footprint. Plus, isn’t it fascinating, what you can make with just three pieces of paper?!

The Octa is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Designer: Jang Hyungjin