YD Spotlight: The Organic Ornaments of Fitchwork


I guarantee you will never find work more incredibly intricate and ornate than those by Travis Fitch. Truly pushing the boundaries of design, art, science, nature, mathematics, and technology, Travis Fitch (under the moniker Fitchwork) creates some of the most mind-numbingly beautiful objects. Completely embodying Charles Eames’ quote, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”, Fitchwork’s creations empower designs through repetitive details, creating patterns you’ll rarely (if not never) have seen in man-made designs. Using art and geometry in a way that makes it feel like Mother Nature meets 3D printing, Fitchwork’s products utilize a unique design process combines user customization with new fabrication technologies to create distinct and personalized items. With a wide variety of patterns that combine geometry with organic design, Fitchwork creates products that are molded but look woven. Each of the patterns is scalable, and products, ranging from ornaments to home decor, come in both ceramic and metal variants. I could go on about how unreasonably beautiful these designs look, but I’d rather let the work speak for itself. Scroll down to witness some of the most awe-inspiring design details your eyes will have ever seen.

Designer: Travis Fitch (Fitchwork)







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