When your bookmark is also your reading light

Consider me a fan of the Lightwedge reading light. It does something rather brilliant, in that it A. illuminates just the page without illuminating the space (like other reading lights), and it also serves its purpose as a rather handy bookmark.

The Lightwedge comprises one single piece of transparent plastic sheeting that has a strip of LEDs on one edge. Switch it on and the LEDs shine a light through the plastic, containing it so that you don’t end up illuminating the entire room (and disturbing potential sleepers), but rather just the page you’re reading. Just how LED screen displays have a backlight, think of the Lightwedge as a ‘frontlight’ for your book.

But that’s not all! The Lightwedge’s inherent flat, sheet-ish design also helps it serve as a bookmark. Since it usually rests on the page you’re reading, all you do is flip the book shut and you’re done! The Lightwedge comes with an auto-shut-off feature, allowing you to simply shut your book and forget about it until you’re ready to pick it up again.

Designer: Lightwedge

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