The ‘turning point’ of bag design!

Cycling at night is a risk in itself, not to mention cycling in poor visibility. Having a high visibility jacket and various illuminating products are useful, but many of them fall below eye line from the driver of the car. This might be the reason why many cyclists have a habit of retrofitting their backpacks with lighting systems or high-vis strips for maximum visibility. Thankfully Uncommon Goods have developed a stylish and rugged backpack ideal for any cyclist in any condition.

The Turn Signal Commuter Backpack does exactly what you’d think it does – enables the driver behind you to see your actions. They’ll see a flashing, left-pointing LED arrow right in front of them. You control it with a wireless remote unit on your handlebar: Left, Right, Stop. And sometimes, it thinks on its own: a sudden, big change in your velocity will make it blink red, thanks to the integrated brake sensor. This backpack isn’t just brains; it’s tough too. Lightweight and water-repellent the 20L backpack’s straps and back material are
reinforced for good support; the back is also padded for comfort. It’s loaded with just the right features—everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Designer: Uncommon Goods