The Dreamer’s Fidget Spinner

Cobb walks past the dining table, to the backyard where his children, obscured from view, are playing with each other. Just as he enters the backyard to greet his children possibly after years, he spins a metal top on the table and walks off into the distance towards his offspring. However, if you’ve seen the movie I’m talking about, you’ll know that once that top starts spinning, your eye doesn’t for one moment shift off it. Even till the very end of the movie, when the top falters for a slight bit, increasing everyone’s tensions, you can’t stop looking at the spinning metal object… and that’s what makes the end to Inception probably one of the most nail-biting curtain calls in movie history. And every bit of credit goes to how Christopher Nolan transfixes your gaze on and makes you obsess over a spinning metal top.

The top you see here is possibly the most iconic top design ever, after the Beyblade. It’s now a symbol of being mature (the top doesn’t look like a child’s toy), while still being in touch with your young, dreamer side. If the top’s design and its presence in pop movie culture wasn’t fascinating enough, the Infinity Levitating Top makes it even more magical!

The Infinity Levitating Top is fascinating to look at, whether it’s spinning or not. The top comes with a levitation base that allows the spinning artifact above it to float magically, a finger’s width above the spinning surface. It uses a clever orientation of permanent magnets and electromagnets to enable the top to levitate, and even spin while floating off the surface. Start by spinning the top on the base-platform, and then just slide the platform away and the top spins magically, magnetically in the air for up to 45 minutes! Available in three variants, the Infinity Levitating Top comes made out of three materials that have differing weights. Ranging from the lightest, Aluminum, to Steel, to the classy, heavier, burnished Brass, the tops make a great addition to your work-desk, allowing you to maintain productivity through focus, while enchanting you with its interactive nature and innate beauty.

The Infinity Levitating Top is calming and helps build concentration. Its therapeutic spinning relaxes the most frayed nerves, and acts almost like hitting a refresh button on your mind. Spinning the top in mid-air is an experience in itself, and watching it spin or even being around it while it spins for close to an hour feels almost meditative. Oh, and odds are it might just be the coolest and most awe-inspiring thing to ever sit on your desk.

Designers: Adam Stager & Caili Li

Click here to Buy Now: $125.00









Click here to Buy Now: $125.00