A Notable Twist on the Traditional Pen Design


What are pens used for? Writing right? And stick notes are used for retaining messages right? Well, there is nothing more frustrating than writing a message down and instantaneously losing it. Thanks to Min Keun Kwon’s CRAB Pen, this little mishap may be a thing of the past.

The design of the CRAB enables a memo or note to be held in the top of the pen with the grip of two pinchers. Hiding a rubber overmold, the inside of the pinchers prevent the note from dislodging and getting lost amongst the rest of those ever important messages. The writing tip is hidden away for safekeeping until the user is to slide the discrete switch up the shaft of the pen. Given a white and charcoal color mix, I can’t help but feel maybe this guy would be a little funkier with a neon color accenting the actuation switch – potentially an orange color to match the name.

Designer: Min Keun Kwon