Be a Greener Guest


Hotel facilities are in the top 5 when it comes to mass consumption of energy and water, but this is in part to us as the consumer! It makes perfect sense considering that when we check in we tend to disregard the depletion of these resources because we don’t have to pay for them directly. Save3 is a visual feedback system designed for hotel rooms. Comprising a set of smart objects, this system subtly encourages guests to save water and electricity by monitoring consumption and by providing incentive to conserve.

The Save3 system comprises a keycard, a switch and wireless monitoring devices. The keycards and switches are Smart Objects with extended capabilities – besides accessing the room and regulating the electrical services, they are also routed in the electricity and water supply. Both the main water-inlet and electrical metres of each room are wirelessly enabled. This connectivity allows information about water and electricity usage to be recorded, visibly transmitted and stored when the Save3 keycard is inserted into the Save3 switch.

When a guest enters the hotel room and inserts the keycard in the Save3 switch for the first time, the indicator bars are at a maximum, indicating the estimated maximum resource usage provision for the period that the room is booked. The indicator gradually shortens as water and electricity are consumed. Now, a guest can pay the usual charge for a room when he checks out, but he will also be entitled for a part-refund, as an incentive, if he consumes less electricity and water than estimated.

Designer: Aditi Singh, Parag Anand