One Stop Data Storage


If you’ve ever had your hard drive crash, you know that losing you data is devastating! Currently, we’re limited to cloud storage or saving on an external hard drive to back up. However, there seems to be a great disconnect between the two. “Y” is an external SSD hard drive that is here to streamline your digital world by giving you the ability to access, save, edit, and erase from any connected device.

This expandable, customizable hard drive stores your irreplaceable in a secure, convenient, user-friendly way. The drive opens easily and can be unlocked by sliding your finger around the LED display in the center or directly from the downloaded iPhone app. In seconds, Y gives you the ability to insert or remove up to six SSD drives, customizing the size of your external drive.

Y offers the fastest data transfer speeds possible via USB-C or Bluetooth. It also features a fast save option for SD cards for when you are in a hurry and your card is already full. It will quickly save these files in a folder of which you may choose the location. Capable of being mounted on a wall or placed at the center of a communal desk, Y is also extremely convenient in the workplace, allowing colleagues to simultaneously access, edit, and save important data or designs. Save locally, in the cloud, or both!

Designer: Adrian Berr