A flute with Gesture-Control!


Any musician worth their salt will tell you that while electronic instruments offer a larger degree of control, they feel impersonal. A lot gets lost in converting electrical signals into audio, and this lack of expressiveness is what makes them sound robotic.

Flux, however, brings gesture control to the electronic instrument, allowing musicians to add their own personal touches and imperfections that help make the music sound natural. Made out of wood to give the instrument a natural feel, the Flux comes with buttons and a capacitive touch surface that records everything from the position of your fingers, to the angle, to even gestures, making sure the electronic audio signal captures as many details as possible. Designed to embody the aesthetic of high-end music equipment, the Flux lets you be as expressive as you would with an acoustic instrument while retaining full electronic control!

The FLUX is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: Andrea-Alexandra Radulescu for ENSCI