An exoskeleton built to keep you going

Over 100 years ago, the moving assembly line, invented by Ford Motor Company under the leadership of Henry Ford, revolutionized automotive production. Even though a lot of the steps in this assembly line has been replaced by robotic arms, there are still an alarming amount of workers who must raise their arms in order to fix or add various elements to the vehicles. It’s said that some workers on the assembly line lift their arms an average of 4,600 times per day, or about 1 million times per year, increasing the possibility of fatigue or injury.

Due to the extensive overhead work required by each worker, the EksoVest will provide the user with 5-15lbs of lift assistance, ideal for any action required under the vehicle. Some of these activities might include pushing in fastener rivets, snapping fuel lines into place or simply using any drill or impact drivers or torque wrenches.

With a mixture of carbon fiber, steel tubing, and blue interaction point highlights, the EksoVest is a cool addition to the rugged labor-some lifestyle. Aware that the EksoVest is designed to prevent workplace injury, it goes without saying that this vest is amongst one of the more impressive looking exoskeletons I’ve seen in the recent months.

Designers: Ford & EksoWorks